Tuesday, May 5, 2009

void main*

My boss, Jason Cohen, recently blogged about how it is imperative to join the social media "revolution"even if it's not clear what that means. I see his point, and while I do blog occasionally at the Smart Bear Company Blog, I think it's important for me to build up my personal social media juice. After all, I won't be at Smart Bear forever, and whatever I do next, a little Google karma won't hurt.

I will try to keep this blog on the topics of software development, technology, and startups. That said, I know that blogs can sometimes take on a life of their own. Hopefully, it won't wither away to nothing.

* The title of this blog entry is me resisting the temptation to title it "Hello World". As for "Noop in a Loop", that came from a discussion of measuring CPU clock speeds.

As long as I'm employed at Smart Bear, most of my posts will be crossposted to the Smart Bear blog. I apologize in advance to anyone who reads both blogs.

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